Metamorphosis- a study in liberation

In 'Metamorphosis - a study in liberation', Aramesh creates a bronze sculpture of a hybrid creature with a human body and an animal head. The contorted figure is borrowed from contemporary war reportage, the human face has been replaced with a mythical animal borrowed from Egyptian, Mayan and Persian art.
The subjected and violated body is imbued with symbolic strength, transforming the subject from victim to a study of liberation. The bronze figure is placed on a pre-fabricated block that is often used as a device to divide borders and conflict zones.

Between the rubble underground remains fragments of buildings destroyed during World War II in East London, which were then transported to be buried in Regent's Park. This project has been developed specifically for Frieze Sculpture Park to reflect this aspect of the park's history.

Frieze Sculpture Park 2017, curated by Clare Lilley.
Represented by Leila Heller Gallery.