Selected Articles

CNAP, Ruptura: una y mil veces. Reza Aramesh. A propósito de la 14 Bienal de La Habana, 2022

Juventud Rebelde, Reza Aramesh: Ruptura. Una y mil veces, 2022 

Cubarte, Ruptura: una y mil veces. Reza Aramesh. A propósito de la 14 Bienal de La Habana, 2022

Radio Enciclopedia, Exhibe artista británico-iraní en la 14 Bienal de La Habana, 2022

Financial Times, New York’s Asia Society Museum triennial hopes to heal divisions, 2021 

Observer, Asia Society Triennial “We Do Not Dream Alone” Unifies Artists Across Continents, 2021 

Frieze, ‘We Do Not Dream Alone’ Seeks to Champion Representation for Contemporary Asian Artists, 2021 

Daily Art Magazine, New York City Art Triennial 2021: Do We Dream Together? Are We Fine?, 2021 

Fitzwilliam Museum, Making a Masterpiece: Reza Aramesh’s Action 125, 2021 

Harper's BAZAAR, 8 Standout Artworks Not To Miss At Art Dubai, 2019

Bienalsur, Buenos Aires, 2019 

TimeOut, Five things to see at Sculpture in the City, 2019

City Matters, Sculpture in the City, 2019

Wall Street International, Reza Aramesh at the Asia Society Museum in New York, 2019 

Asia Society, Asia Society Museum in New York presents exhibition of work by Reza Aramesh, 2019

The New York Times, Real, or Too Real?, “Like Life” at the Met Breuer, 2018

Bomb Magazine, Life Like: Sculpture, Color, and the Body, 2018

The New York Reviews, Life Like: Sculpture, Color, and the Body, 2018

Sotheby’s, Summertime and the Frieze Sculpture Park
, 2017

MutualArt, Who Are the New Galleries at Art Basel 2017?

Poetics of Absence,
The National, Anna Seaman, 2017

Sculpture captures the suffering,
Al Roeya newspaper, Ruba Shield, 2017

i-D, uncertain states, uncertain times – how artists act in states of emergency
, 2016

Berlin Art Link, Migration ‘Uncertain States’ at Akademie der Künste, 2016

Der Tagesspiegel, Warning shot with the camera, 2016

Strangely harmless, 2016

New York Times, Tehran’s Ab-Anbar Gallery Links the Diaspora and Global Art, 2016

Gulf News,
A study of human suffering during wars, 2016

Best of 2016

New York Times,
Ginanne Brownell, 2016


At 11:57 am Wednesday 23 October 2013, 2016

Código Magazine,
Migration as a condition of existence, 2016

Review, 2015

The Eye of Photography, Iran Special Edition : Reza Aramesh at Sazmanab, 2015

Tandis Magazine,

ArtforumReview, 2014

Art Asia Pacific, 
The Whistle of the Souls, a Play that Never Starts, 2014

Depart Magazine, Reza Aramesh’s take on the rebellious subject, 2014

GQ feature,
War and Piece, 2011

The Big Issue,
Art House, 2009

Canvas Magazine,
The Re-Framing of Conflict, 2009

Between the Eye and the Object Falls a Shadow,
B21 Gallery Review, 2009

The National
Conflicting Statements, 2009

Gulf News,
Deceptions of the true and the accurate, 2009

Contemporary Practices magazine,
Gemma Tully in conversation with Reza Aramesh, 2009

Time Out Dubai
, The Atrocity Exhibition, 2009

MutualArt, Far, but not yet too far, from the madding crowd, 2007

Aesthetica magazine, I am a believer, 2006