Action 141: Not what was meant - Cellular
16 mm film, surround sound system
Dimension variable

Action 141: Not What Was Meant is recreated from extensive research of war and conflict reportage imagery since the 1950s until the present. Thousands of images sourced online from which several hundred have been selected, edited and arranged in order to create a choreography of shooting.

“Action 141: not what was meant is a 16mm film, Aramesh’s first foray into moving image. The film is looped in an algorithmic system of paired still images in which every image creates other possibilities that direct another probability. As it generates and regenerates, the imagery establishes a procedure that unfolds according to the work’s own inner laws of progression and/or reduction... Action 141 depicts men shooting guns over and over again for eternity. An endless round of aimless violence, the poetry of the testosterone ….”
David Thorpe (Curator and writer)